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1204 pink cookies (h) cafe bud shots 1
1204 pink cookies (h) cafe bud shots 1

Pink Cookies Strain


THC range
CBD range
Relaxing, sleepy, body high, happy
Herbal, nutty, sweet, vanilla, spicy, peppery
Spicy, nutty, vanilla, earthy
May Relieve
Depression, insomnia, stress, nausea, appetite loss
Sabinene, phellandrene, limonene


Pink Cookies is an evenly balanced hybrid strain that was created by crossing two very popular cannabis strains, Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) and Cherry Pie. It got its name from the beautiful pink coloring and its parent strain Girl Scout Cookies. If you love hybrid cannabis strains, then you’re going to love the flavor and effects of Pink Cookies.

The high from Pink Cookies starts with an awesome buzzy style of high, but it will quickly transition into a relaxing high that will have you kicking back on the couch in no time at all. First, you get that creative energy familiar to most sativa strains which can give you a case of the giggles and leave you feeling a little bit chatty. The next stage is the super relaxing body high that will leave you feeling relaxed, calm, and ready to chill the rest of the night or day away.

The 17-24% average THC content of Pink Cookies makes it a great choice for anyone with depression, nausea, appetite loss, chronic stress, and insomnia.

As you break apart the Pink Cookies nuggets, you’ll immediately notice the fresh aroma of creamy caramel and spicy black pepper that will get your taste buds excited! The aroma flows smoothly into the flavour, with notes of fresh cherries, nutty vanilla, and smooth caramel. Once you try the flavour and feel the effects of Pink Cookies, you’re definitely going to come back again, and we’re sure this strain will make it into your regular smoke rotation.

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