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1130 pink kraken (i) cafe bud shots
1130 pink kraken (i) cafe bud shots

Pink Kraken Strain


THC range
CBD range
Giggly, relaxing, sociable, hungry, happy
Nutty, pine, citrus, menthol, fruity, berry, sweet
Fruity, sweet, earthy, nutty
May Relieve
Eye pressure, insomnia, migraines, muscle spasms, stress, inflammation, headaches
Limonene, geraniol, myrcene


Pink Kraken is a super rare indica hybrid that was created by crossing the genetics of Pink Kush and Kraken. If you’re looking for that relaxing full-body high that only a good indica can deliver, then Pink Kraken is definitely worth a closer look, and if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on a few buds, grab them and try it for yourself. 

The slightly floral and flowery aroma and flavor of Pink Kraken lead many cannabis connoisseurs to believe that it’s a distant relative of the original indica Kush family. However, the Kraken parentage in Pink Kraken is responsible for that earthy, nutty, and sweet flavor and aroma. 

The high from Pink Kraken starts with that typical euphoric rush which will leave you more talkative and chattier than usual. You may even get the giggles! However, the head high will quickly spread to the rest of your body, leaving your limbs feeling a little heavier than usual and giving you that classic indica tingle.

Due to the relaxing and sedative effects of Pink Kraken, this could be a great strain for people suffering from eye pressure, insomnia, migraines, muscle spasms, stress, inflammation, and headaches. 

When you break open the green and pink buds, your senses will immediately be assailed with the aroma of sweet fruit, nuts, earth, and vanilla. Next, the smooth scent will transition into the unique flavor of Pink Kraken, where you’ll notice the subtle taste of earth, diesel, fruit, vanilla, and berries. Pink Kraken is an excellent choice for anyone searching for a mild indica that won’t leave them completely knocked out and couch-locked.

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