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Pink Unicorn Strain

Sativa Hybrid

THC range
CBD range
Uplifting, social, giggly, cerebral, energizing
Lemon, lime, sweet, sour
Citrus, earthy, woody
May Relieve
Fatigue, stress, PTSD, depression


This delicious sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain is certainly sure to be a crowd-pleaser with its euphoric high and delicious flavour and aroma. Pink Unicorn gets its name from its beautiful appearance and also its heritage, with many people claiming that this is one strain that is a must-try if you consider yourself a true cannabis connoisseur.

The high from Pink Unicorn begins with a euphoric and uplifting rush straight to your head, where it will fire up all the receptors in your head and deliver a potent high. Many people have claimed that after smoking or vaping Pink Unicorn, they felt energized, focused, and experienced a rush of creativity.

As the high progresses, you’ll notice that it turns a little bit giggly, which we are 100% cool with! Pink Unicorn is a great strain to enjoy if you want to hang out with friends and socialize or head out for a night of partying.

The aroma of Pink Unicorn is fruity and citrusy, with sweet notes of limes and lemons. You’ll also notice that there are hints of spicy woody undertones that will transition to sour and earthy once you start smoking or vaping Pink Unicorn. The sweet and sour citrus flavor of Pink Unicorn is sure to impress anyone that loves a fruity cannabis strain.

If you suffer from conditions such as PTSD, depression, or you’re looking for a strain that delivers an uplifting high that isn’t completely overwhelming, then Pink Unicorn is worth a closer look. We’re sure that once you taste the delicious flavor of Pink Unicorn and experience its unique effects, it will soon become one of your favourite strains!

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