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Sour Power Strain


THC range
22-24% +
CBD range
Creative, energizing, focus, happy, sociable
Berry, diesel, pine, skunky, sweet
Earthy, pine, skunky, woody, sour, sweet
May Relieve
Depression, fatigue, inflammation, appetite, stress
Pinene, limonene


When it comes to sativa strains, you’re going to love everything that Sour Power has to offer! Not only is it packed full of flavour and aroma, but it also boasts a very impressive 22-24% average THC content that’s great for experienced smokers or beginners alike. In addition, this potent sativa strain has won the High Times Cannabis Cup three times! That’s pretty impressive alone.

Sour Power is a cross between Star Bud and East Coast Sour Diesel and was created by the team over at Hortilab Seeds. People that have smoked or vaped Sour Power describe the high as rapid onset, so be prepared for a euphoric head high that storms in quickly. The initial head high will continue to build until it reaches a crescendo, then will begin to wash over the rest of your body slowly.

The high from Sour Power is great if you love to get energetic or creative and will be a nice well-rounded high for hanging out with friends, socializing, or just relaxing in front of the television. The flavour and aroma of Sour Power will quickly give you notes of berries, fruit, pine, and also dank earthiness and skunk. It not only smells fantastic, but it tastes great too! It’s not often that you get such a well-rounded cannabis strain that delivers potency, flavour, aroma, and a great high. We’re sure that Sour Power is going to make it to the top of many people’s favourite cannabis strain list in no time at all.

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