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1063 tropicanna (s) cafe bud shots
1063 tropicanna (s) cafe bud shots

Tropicanna Strain


THC range
CBD range
Cerebral, uplifting, euphoric, happy
Citrus, berries, lemon, pine, sour
Citrus, lemon, earthy, berry, pine
May Relieve
Depression, stress, mood swings, anxiety
Limonene, caryophyllene


Tropicanna is a rare sativa that was created by crossing three very famous and popular strains together for a potent and delicious smoking or vaping experience. The delicious tropical flavor of Tropicanna makes this one sativa strain that is well worth a closer look if you love that energetic and uplifting experience.

The high from Tropicanna is one of those slow burners. From the first inhale, it’s going to slowly creep up on you, starting with a euphoric head high before switching into a nice mellow body high that’s perfect for getting creative or energetic. Take your time with Tropicanna, as the high THC percentage can creep up on you and overwhelm you before you’re ready. Just take it low and slow until you fully understand your tolerance.

The flavor of Tropicanna is just like its name suggests, fruity, sweet, and just the right amount of dank earthiness to remind you that you’re smoking weed. You’ll notice sweet and sour undertones of citrus, as well as berries and pine. The aroma is just like the flavor, sweet and oh so delicious. It’ll truly get your mouth watering once you smell it for the first time.

We know that if you love fruity sativa strains of cannabis, you’re going to fall in with the flavor, aroma, and effects of Tropicanna. But, if you get the chance to give it a try, then it’s definitely a strain that will feature in your regular all-time favourite cannabis strains.

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