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What you need to know about the Canadian Cannabis Retailers’ Union

The Canadian Cannabis Retailers’ Union (CCRU) is a group of industry professionals dedicated to enlightening and educating people about the responsible use of cannabis (or, marijuana) in Canada.

Although cannabis may be less harmful than other recreational intoxicants like cigarettes or alcohol, it is not harmless substance. The CCRU helps to protect our communities through the education, dialogue and awareness.

The CCRU prioritizes education and community interest in the cannabis space. Created with the expert advice of educators, health experts and industry professionals, the CCRU ensures the highest standards of safety and responsibility in cannabis retailing and consumption venues.

About The CCRU

The CCRU is the voice of the cannabis retail and hospitality industry as advocates for safe and reliable cannabis distribution. We enlighten and educate industry participants on how to responsibly sell and serve cannabis to create safer stores and dispensaries in Toronto, consumption spaces, and communities.

CCRU’s initiatives and programs:

  • ‘Cannabis Retail Setup Guide: Standards for Retail Stores’
    • A set of operating standards and best-practices which stress safety, harm reduction, customer experience, and establishes a balance with Canada’s broader cannabis regulatory objectives.
  •  ‘Cannabis Fundamentals and Retail Training’ course
    • Canada’s most advanced retail and ‘budtender’ training program on the safe sale and retail distribution of cannabis. Offered in partnership between the CCRU and the North American College of Pharmaceutical Technology, Canada’s leading cannabis educator.
  • Point-of-Sale Materials
    • Best in class harm reduction materials including product safety bags, information banners, and dosing guidelines
  • Public Policy
    • Advocating for common-sense public policy that protects communities while providing Canadians with reasonable access to cannabis products.
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