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Destigmatizing Cannabis

Cannabis, although legal in Canada, has come under a world of scrutiny in the 100 or so years it’s been in the country. Since the 1960s-era crackdown on the green bud, cannabis has long been seen in a negative light and is often considered a gateway drug to harder substances.

How you can contribute to destigmatizing cannabis

Cannabis’ stigmatized status is not only unhealthy for those who rely on it for medicinal purposes, as the social stigma can be damaging, but it can cause a number of structural issues that prevent cannabis access to those who need it. These long-held myths, while at one point may have acted as relevant barriers of use to an illegal substance, are now at risk of causing unnecessary judgment and excessive fear amongst non-users.

Cannabis’ reputation has a long way to go, but in the meantime, members of the growing community of users and supporters can make changes in their everyday lives to help destigmatize this multi-use substance.

Educate yourself and share your findings

It’s easy for people who don’t understand the benefits of vaping weed or using cannabis in general to pass judgement. Use the resources and tools you have on hand, like access to the CRU, to stay informed on how cannabis can be beneficial to your friends and family members.

Spread the benefits of non-psychoactive cannabis products

There’s the long-standing image of the pothead who smokes every day and disrupts their lives and the lives of those around them. Thankfully, non-psychoactive cannabis products are becoming more widely known and used for their plethora of benefits. If you prefer CBD-dominant strains or products, recommend them to friends who might be looking for help with eczema, insomnia, or anxiety.

Enjoy responsibly and respectfully

Don’t be the person who smokes unabashedly in public. You can contribute to a positive image of cannabis use by following the laws and regulations set for your region, and respecting those in your community who don’t use cannabis by smoking away from kids, schools, public areas, and the like. Always remember to use a secure, childproof container when travelling with cannabis.

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