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Happy 420!

Cannabis lovers everywhere will agree that 420 is their absolute favourite holiday! What’s better than a nationally recognized day to celebrate the green herb we all love? From all of us here at CAFE – Happy 420! Maybe you spend the day in a smoky haze, enjoying a Netflix & munchies bingefest on the couch. Maybe you splashed your morning coffee with some THC before going out there and taking on the world! Whatever you do – we hope you have a blazingly great day!

If you find yourself out and about in downtown Toronto, be sure to drop into one of our four CAFE locations for some sweet 420 fun. We’ll be celebrating with amazing deals all day!

$50oz Specials

Unbeatable deal! Choose from Pink Star (I) or Citrus Skunk (S)

SWAG Deals

Buy 2 get 1 free!

Weed of Fortune

Spin the wheel in-store and win 420 prizes all day!

Herb Angels

Free 100mg sample with any Herb Angels purchase!

Euphoria Extractions

Free sample with any Euphoria purchase!

If you’re coming in, we’re happy to see you soon! If you’d rather shop with us online, click through to our online store HERE. All deals still apply, and you’ll be able to get your order same day via our speedy delivery service within the GTA, or mail-order across Canada!

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