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How Cannabis Can Make You Feel Lucky

There’s a lot to love about cannabis, but could it make you luckier, or is it just the luck of the Irish?

Every year we head out on the town in our fanciest green outfit, drink green beers and whiskey and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. It’s a great night to go green, and what could be greener than cannabis? So rather than overindulge on drinks that have been dyed green this year, why not smoke or vape some premium naturally green cannabis?

Many people believe that positive energy creates a positive force. If you put good thoughts and actions out into the world, then the world will repay you with positive reactions in your life. One way to get some seriously positive vibes is to smoke cannabis. Who isn’t positive and happy when they have their favorite strain of cannabis ready to go?

In the following article, we’ll take a closer look at the history behind St. Patrick’s Day, the luck of the Irish, what happens inside your brain when you smoke cannabis, and why cannabis makes us feel happier.

The History Behind St. Patrick’s Day! And How Did the Luck of the Irish Start?

The modern St. Patrick’s Day celebrations of lucky charms, shamrocks, green beers, clothes have come a long way from the original celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. The original day started in 1631, but in the 1700s was used as a way for Christians to take a break from the restrictions of Lent.

However, the church found that the holiday quickly got out of control and attempted to reel it back in. In 1798 after the Irish Rebellion, the color green was adopted. Previously it was the color blue. It was in the 20th century that Ireland changed the laws which kept pubs shut on the day, and the true St. Patrick’s Day celebrations started after several marketing pushes by large breweries. 

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘the luck of the Irish,’ but have you ever stopped and thought to yourself, where did the phrase originate from? Popular opinion has the phrase starting around the gold rush years where a large majority of miners were Irish migrants. With such a large percentage of miners, they obviously enjoyed a large percentage of striking it rich which is what could have led to the phrase. But what other things could make you feel lucky? Many people believe that a positive attitude leads to good things happening in your life. One of the effects of smoking, vaping, or consuming cannabis could be a good mood and a positive attitude. However, how does cannabis do this, and what influence does it play in your brain?

What Actually Happens When You Smoke Cannabis? And Why Does Cannabis Make Us Feel Happier? 

There are two main types or strains of cannabis, sativa, and indica. In addition, there is a third strain, hybrids which is a mixture of both strain types and is usually either indica or sativa dominant. Typically, sativa strains are energetic and uplifting, while indica strains are more relaxing and calming.

Anecdotal evidence from cannabis users worldwide suggests that cannabis users are generally happier and more relaxed than any other group in the world. Certainly, if you asked most cannabis users, they’d agree with this statement.

According to a study conducted in Colorado, people who smoke cannabis is generally happier and enjoy their life. The study also found that adult marijuana users were more likely to volunteer their services, spend money, and enjoy time outdoors compared to those that don’t use cannabis regularly.

Along with how the people using marijuana felt, it also looked at why people use marijuana. Many people in the study were using it for more than just recreational purposes, including to help them with chronic pain and mental health conditions. You could argue that marijuana’s ability to assist people with these conditions assists them to live a happier life. If you’re happier, you’re more likely to put positive energy out into the world and receive positive energy back.

It isn’t magic that makes cannabis make you feel happier. It’s actually a complicated chemical process that occurs in our brains after using cannabis products. Inside our body is something known as the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). The ECS is responsible for maintaining several bodily functions, including sleep, memory, appetite, mood, and reproduction.

For many people that are new to marijuana use, understanding the different strain types and how they make you feel is very important. Of course, terpenes and strain types play an important role in this. However, it’s essential to understand that not all cannabis strains can be judged on their strain type alone.

How you react to a particular cannabis strain may be completely different from someone else. One strain may make you feel happy, energized, and euphoric, but for someone else, it could be subduing and leave them feeling tired. We’re fortunate enough to be living in an age where we have access to some of the finest cannabis strains worldwide. We’re spoiled for choice, so we highly recommend that you don’t just settle on the first strain of cannabis you try. Instead, get out there and try a bunch of different types of cannabis strains until you have a lot of experience and can settle down with your favorites.

Smoking cannabis may not naturally make you luckier, but it could make you happier and, by default, help you put more positive vibes out into the world and get some of that positivity back. So who knows, maybe the luck of the Irish could be yours this St. Patrick’s Day?

How Cannabis Can Make You Feel Lucky – Conclusion

There you go! There’s a lot to love about cannabis, including that for many people, it makes them feel luckier, increases their enjoyment, and reduces their stress. So if you have been looking for a different way to spend your St. Patrick’s day this year, then cannabis could be a perfect choice.

Rather than drinking green beers this St. Patrick’s Day, why not try something else out that’s green 365-days a year? If you have any questions about cannabis or would like to learn more about any of the cannabis products which we stock, please don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us directly. Our friendly and professional team is always happy to help.

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