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Cannabis Fun in the Sun: A Day at the Indigenous Cannabis Cup

The Indigenous Cannabis Cup (ICC) takes place every year on Mohawk territory a couple of hours east of Toronto. The event features cannabis brands who come to compete for awards and showcase their best products to the public, who in turn get an opportunity to meet representatives from these small, craft growers and cannabis makers. The ICC is an excellent networking opportunity for cannabis industry professionals and the public alike, as they get a chance to interact and have valuable conversations that contribute to the future of cannabis products.

The Indigenous Cannabis Cup takes place north of Toronto every summer.

CAFE is proud that many of our favourite brands were in attendance at the ICC this year, with beautiful booths showcasing fantastic new products alongside the classics that our consumers have come to love over the years. Legendary brands like Euphoria Extractions, Herb Angels, Kushkraft, Stellar and our very own Wesley Tea all were star attractions at the event, with crowded booths full of show attendees waiting to see what kind of fun might be in store!

The event is hosted by Smoke Signals.

As usual, Euphoria wowed the crowd with their wildly popular shatter-infused chocolate fountain – staff were making little fondue bites of chocolate, fresh fruit and marshmallows on a stick, and handing them out to the crowd. Show goers were able to the browse the selection of products available, and many were quite excited about newer products from this year such as Euphoria Shatter bombs!

The ICC is an opportunity for people to engage with their favourite cannabis brands.

Kushkraft also had a selection of exciting new products – they’ve added to their collection of classic Sticky Joints with brand new Infused Sticky Bangers in fun, delicious flavours, and Infused Sticky Blunts for those that like a bigger, harder-hitting experience. They are also home to a wide range of hash products, all of which were available for show goers to check out and get excited about. Aside from cannabis, Kushkraft also had a cute little basketball game station – show goers could try their hand at landing a special Kushkraft basketball into the net!

KK’s new products on display.

Kushkraft basketball station!

Stellar was a newbie at the ICC this year, with heavy hitting edibles guaranteed to take any user straight out to space! The sleek, modern booth was decked out with all their latest in gummies and fine chocolate, and just for the show they had a couple of absolutely wild creations – a giant, 20lb gummy shaped like a cake with an outer space theme – complete with the Stellar astronaut team floating around – and another 5000mg gummy shaped like a big star. Stellars is definitely the GOAT when it comes to high-dose edibles, and they made that clear with these beautiful, spacey creations.

Stellar made a massive 20lb gummy, completely outer-space themed.

The GOAT – a 5000mg gummy!

Herb Angels was on hand with their elegant display and lineup of classic THC, CBD and 1:1 products, and right next to them was Wesley Tea with a wildly popular cold tea bar! Wesley Tea is always one of the main attractions at the ICC, as guests love to beat the July heat with a tall, cold glass of infused Wesley Tea. Baristas worked to make smoothies and iced teas infused with cannabis and some without, upon request – all with fresh fruit, juices and sparkling water. The drinks were definitely a hit, and many people came back for more and more.

WT baristas making everyone’s day with their special creations!
The bustling lineup at WT booth.

We got a chance to catch up with Leafythings – a valued partner in the cannabis space that seeks to connect people with their favourite cannabis products 24/7. As always, Leafythings members were decked out in the sweetest swag and had tons of fun giveaways for show attendees, like water bottles, Frisbees and cool tees. They also had their Leafy van, which is the most fun photo op for show goers and attracts a lot of attention.

Photo time!

All in all, the ICC show was fun and full of the best and most exciting cannabis products out there today. The day was beautiful and allowed brands to meet their fans in person and have meaningful conversations about their products and services. The ICC brings together people from all walks of life, and it was great to see so many brands showcase their best and get a chance to mingle. We can’t wait for next year’s event!

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