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3 ways you can promote child safety

As early innovators in the cannabis industry and dispensaries in Toronto, we have always committed ourselves to social responsibility. For five years, we have conducted our Child Safety Program in the form of safe, secure packaging on all products, helping to ensure that the roll-out of the Cannabis Act was a total success for all of us! Today in 2021, our Child Safety Bag Return program has come to a close, in favour of environmentally friendly packaging that helps us minimize our carbon footprint.

CAFE remains deeply committed to ensuring child safety around cannabis products. The vast majority of our products are sold in secure, child-proof packaging. Our budtenders are trained to promote safe use, and always serve responsibly.

If you’re wondering how you can promote child safety in your community, we have all the information you need. Take a closer look at the three methods we use and social outreach efforts to ensure cannabis in Canada is always safe.

1. Consider how your cannabis is secured

A secure container is one of the first steps to harm reduction and safety. Some of the features in child-proof containers and storage bags that you should look for are:

  • An opaque exterior so that kids can’t see their contents.
  • A discreet, minimalistic design which would be unappealing to kids.
  • A lever lock. Unlike regular re-sealable bags, such bags feature a lever lock that must be released to unzip the bag. To reseal the container, you simply push the zipper until the lever clicks, indicating that it is securely locked.

2. Place edibles in a safe place away from reach

Edibles are meant to look and taste good. The downside of this, however, is that kids can also find them tempting and might mistake them for cannabis-free treats. To prevent accidental consumption, keep cannabis and fine edibles in a place that your kids cannot access, similar to other substances you would not want your children playing with.

3. Be open with your kids about cannabis

We believe that open communication with your child about cannabis use and its side effects is a great method to educate them of the possible dangers of irresponsible cannabis use, why people use cannabis, and the legal status of cannabis in Canada. Just like vitamins, prescriptions, or over-the-counter medication, all of which are sold in child-resistant containers, cannabis is meant to be used in proper dosages.

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