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5 ways you can use cannabis oil

Cannabis oil is a substance made from the most prominent cannabinoids in the cannabis plant, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). Effective cannabis oil goes through decarboxylation, a chemical process that activates cannabinoids through applying heat to the plant. Once heated and decarboxylated, tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA) is converted to THC, cannabidiolic acid (CBDA) is converted to CBD, and both become more bioavailable (meaning it has a higher likelihood to be absorbed into the body’s system).

Unlike other forms of cannabis, cannabis oil is not smoked but can be used in other creative ways and is quickly becoming a popular delivery method for new and seasoned cannabis users. Among growing trends is the preference for CBD oil as opposed to a THC-dominant blend.

Before you learn about how cannabis oil can be used, you might have some questions about how to use it in a safe and secure manner before going to a Toronto dispensary. How much do you take? When do you take it? What does it taste like?

When ingested orally, cannabis oil will have an earthy or floral flavour. To safely ingest or apply cannabis oil, you’ll want to start slowly with 5mg to 10mg. Everyone experiences cannabis differently, so it’s important to control your intake and only increase your amount according to your tolerance and personal comfort levels.

1. Ingest orally

You can ingest cannabis oil orally using a dropper or capsule. Droppers or tinctures leave it up to you to control your intake and are typically ingested by dropping the oil underneath your tongue. Some cannabis users prefer to ingest a capsule to have more control over their intake.

2. Mix it with lotion or use a topical made with cannabis oil

CBD oil in Canada is also prominent in topical creams and ointments. Add a few drops to your favourite lotion or buy a premade topical to alleviate pain and discomfort in your joints or to help mitigate discomfort from eczema or psoriasis.

3. Add it to your coffee

Adding controlled doses of CBD oil to your coffee can help decrease anxiety and stress throughout your day. As with other methods of consumption, only add as much as you know your body can handle. Since CBD oil is non-psychoactive, you won’t experience a feeling of being high.

4. Bake with it

When it comes to cooking, cannabis oil is versatile. It can be added to sweet or savoury dishes without drastically changing the flavour. If you’re using it to cook, keep an eye on the heat – don’t apply it directly to high heat as it could affect its potency. Cannabis oil begins to degrade above 255F.

5. Use a cannabis oil vaporizer

Oils can also be used in vaporizers made specifically with oil cartridges that can be purchased and reloaded. These are preferred for highly controlled dosing and, as with the other methods suggested here, should be tested on a low dose.

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