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You asked: What is cannabis sex oil and how does it feel?

You asked: What is cannabis sex oil and how does it feel?

Cannabis sex oil is a hot topic. At times referred to as weed oil, intimate spray, or cannabis-infused lubricant, oils made for the purpose of increasing sexual pleasure and lubrication via cannabis are on the rise in North America.

This trend may, in part, have been sparked by the influx of articles published in recent years speaking to the problem of increased vaginal dryness from cannabis consumption (kind of like the intimate version of a pot smoker’s cottonmouth). And according to reporting from Vice, this isn’t entirely untrue: cannabis can be responsible for drying up mucus membranes throughout the body, leading to discomfort for those looking to enjoy penetrative sex while consuming cannabis recreationally or medicinally.

What Does it Do?

In the same way that they can increase lubrication, products like these are also becoming known for providing an entirely different experience of being high, one that offers you the added genital stimulation typically caused by smoking cannabis, minus the psychological effects—almost as if you were getting yourself high just between the legs.

So, how do users feel about this new method of experiencing both cannabis and sex?

Healthline’s English Taylor reports an increased libido and amount of lubrication just 10 minutes after using a cannabis intimate spray, alongside an increased intensity during climax. At Cosmopolitan, Krista Mcharden writes of being completely relaxed during the experience while also feeling “a mellow high that felt like a warm and very sexual hug.”

From the variety of sources consulted, these are the main takeaways we gathered:

  • Your lubrication will increase much more than usual.
  • You won’t experience an intense psychological high.
  • Your parts will feel different. The Frisky describes it as “loosey-goosey.”
  • You will experience stronger orgasms.

If you find yourself amongst those experiencing dryness, discomfort, or a decreased libido, cannabis sex oil might be a welcome addition to your bedside table.

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