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Pre-Rolled Joints: Quick, Convenient & Fun

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The classic joint is the traditional and most common way to consume cannabis. All across the world, the joint is well known as the most iconic symbol of weed consumption. Weed lovers everywhere love a good joint, and no doubt we all get quite excited upon seeing a well-rolled spliff that we just know is going to provide an amazing smoke.

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Pre-rolled joints offer a quick, convenient and fun smoking experience.

Some people are very good at rolling their own joints. This is a skill that takes time and practice to perfect, and if you’re interested in learning how to do so, click here to read our Joint Rolling 101 blog post. We’ve even included a video that breaks down each step of this process.

If you’re not too confident yet on how to roll your own joints, don’t worry. You are not alone! Many weed smokers love a good joint but for one reason or another, have not yet learned the art of rolling. This is where pre-rolled joints come in. Pre-rolls are exactly what they sound like: pre-rolled joints that are made by a combination of machine and hand rolling. Pre-rolls are typically made in batches, and so you can rely on them being consistent in terms of weight, roll quality, weed strain and the smoke experience overall.

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The classic joint has become the most iconic symbol of cannabis consumption worldwide.

If you’re looking for high quality pre-rolls that are easy to access, convenient and provide an excellent smoke, look no further than CAFE. Here at CAFE we have the best selection of premium pre-rolls for every kind of weed smoker. You can get our pre-rolls by dropping into one of our four downtown Toronto dispensary locations, or placing an order for same-day delivery. If you’re located outside of Toronto or even Ontario – no worries there! Our speedy nationwide mail-order service will have you puffing away in no time. Simply place your order and keep an eye on your mailbox – you’ll receive your package within 3-4 business days via Canada Post.

Shop Pre-Rolled Joints at CAFE

At CAFE, we have a great selection of pre-rolled joints for you to choose from. Whether you’re new to smoking or an experienced cannabis connoisseur, we’ve got something in store for you. Keep reading to find out which exciting pre-rolls we’ve got on shelf.

KushKraft Pre-Rolls

We carry a wide selection of KushKraft pre-rolls. These premium joints are our fave picks for just about everyone. KushKraft joints are available in a few different sativa, hybrid and indica strains.

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Individual pre-rolled joints by KushKraft.

KushKraft joints are available as singles, if you’re looking for just one joint, and also in multi-packs. The single joints pictured above are 0.8g of premium flower in a range of strains. These are the perfect joints for those on the go, heading out somewhere and looking to bring a cannabis joint to smoke on their own or share with others. These joints are well-rolled, consistent and burn evenly for a nice smoke.

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KushKraft Pre-Roll 5-packs.

KushKraft pre-rolls also come in a convenient 5-pack, which allow for multiple smoking experiences in a convenient fashion. These joints are a little smaller than a single, at 0.6g, offering the same consistent, quality smoke they are known for.

KushKraft Sticky Joints

KushKraft loves to keep the good times going. Up next on our list of faves are their Big Sticky and Little Sticky pre-rolled joints. These bad boys are the next level up in terms of smoke experience, so buckle up and get ready. The Sticky joints contain premium bud, are hand-rolled and then painted with hash oil for extra potency. The Little Sticky contains 0.8g of strain-specific bud, for a total of 950mg cannabis content, while the Big Sticky is handmade with a whopping 3.5g! If you’re going out to a party, we recommend you bring the Big Sticky with you – you’ll have everyone wanting to take a hit!

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Little Sticky joints by KushKraft.
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KushKraft Big Sticky joints.

PEM Jeffery Blunt

The Jeffery Blunt is new to our shelves, and we are super excited about it. This beast of a joint is a reference to the infamous Jeffery joint from the movie Get Him to the Greek – if you’ve seen it, you know what the big deal is! Our version of the Jeffery is clean and green – this baby contains one gram of premium Pink Kush, and is then painted with terp sauce, and then rolled in a thick, lush coating of kief. This joint offers a luxurious smoke and an unbelievable experience. Read more about it on our blog, and check it out in store. We carry it as singles and also in 3-packs which offer a savings of $5 per joint! Look for Jeffery on our online store!

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Our Jeffery Joint by PEM.

Smokes & Jokes Pre-Rolled Joints

Smokes & Jokes is our in-house brand of specially curated, premium weed available in dried flower and pre-rolled joints. These pre-rolls are super unique to look at, and will certainly turn a lot of heads. The black and white harlequin patterned paper on these joints make them instantly recognizable. They come in a sturdy metal, childproof tin which is convenient and discreet, perfect to use as a joint storage box for future cannabis joints even when you’re done with this batch. Smokes & Jokes pre-rolls come in packs of 4 x 0.8g of premium, AAAA flower that is sourced from local craft growers. The flower is grown in small batches and undergoes rigorous lab testing. We’ve tested them ourselves using our very own lighters, and find these to be an excellent smoke. Look for Smokes & Jokes pre-rolls in our online shop!

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Smokes & Jokes AAAA pre-rolled joints.

There you have it – a summary of the best pre-rolled joints in Toronto, available at CAFE! Whether you don’t know or like how to roll your own, or simply prefer the convenience and ease of pre-rolled joints, we’ve got you covered. Come on in or place an online order and get your pre-rolls at CAFE!

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