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Puff, Puff Paint! 420 Edition of Our Wildly Popular Paint Night

The fun continues at CAFE with our jam packed calendar of 420 events! Last Monday, we held our wildly popular Puff & Paint Night – an event featuring cannabis and art that sells out every single time. Our event offers a twist on the traditional concept of “sip n’ paint” – we swap out the vino for a potent, premium CAFE pre-roll! Our guests get to puff away on their favourite herb as they create unique, artistic masterpieces, all under the guidance of our esteemed artist Ashante.

CAFE’s Puff & Paint event offers a unique take on the classic Paint night.

We love working with Ashante on our paint nights. She is an incredible artist who can create anything from realistic portraits to abstract concepts. Each of her pieces is exceptionally unique, and we are honoured to have her guide our paint nights and share her talents with us.

Ashante, the talented artist who leads our paint nights.
Ashante creates incredible works of art.

The night started around 7pm at a private venue in Toronto’s Corso Italia neighbourhood. Guests were seated at long tables, and given an easel, brushes and a canvas with a sketch outline of the artwork they would begin to bring to life. Of course, each guest was also provided with a CAFE house roll to help guide the session! Guests were free to smoke as much as they liked, and many brought their own favourite flower to smoke as well.

Puff, puff.. paint!

CAFE Puff & Paint nights are a cannabis-friendly event.

Through the night went on, guests’ paintings sprang to life as they added colours and elements that made their pieces unique. Ashante went around to each painter to help them with paints, brush techniques and anything else they needed.

CAFE paint night in action.

CAFE staff preparing paint palettes for attendees.

Each artwork is completely unique!

Lighting up at Puff & Paint Night!

Cannabis inspires creativity.

Cannabis inspires creativity, and is said to help the artistic process. The reduced inhibitions one may experience during a high can result in changed perceptions, and help someone unlock their creative tendencies during an event such as Puff & Paint night!

Ashante paints her own piece as well, while guiding the class.

Artworks coming to life.

In keeping with the 420 theme, guests drew a giant blunt held between a smoker’s teeth. On taking a look around the room, it was clear that each piece was an individualistic work of art, completely different in style and colour from the next!

Putting on the finishing touches!

All finished!

We thoroughly enjoyed this paint night, and it seems that all of our guests did, too! Thank you to everyone who came out and helped make this night a huge success. If you’re looking for a cannabis-friendly event in Toronto, be sure to check in for CAFE’s next Puff & Paint night – we’ll announce the date soon!

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