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Puff & Paint Night – A Love Themed Affair

This past Monday was a super fun one for us here at CAFE – our much anticipated Puff & Paint night took place! CAFE hosts this exciting event in collaboration with talented Toronto artist Ashante, who wows attendees every time with her incredible artistic works and unique ideas for our classes. This time, our Paint Night was completely sold out days in advance! Naturally, we were quite excited and couldn’t wait for the day to arrive.

CAFE hosts Puff & Paint – an ongoing series of artistic adventures with cannabis.

Our Puff & Paint Night took place at a cozy, private venue in the heart of Toronto’s Corso Italia neighbourhood, and just steps away from our 1321 St. Clair W CAFE dispensary location. The night was scheduled to begin at 7pm, and guests arrived early, excited for what the night would bring. Seats were prepared at long tables equipped with individual easels, canvases, art supplies and of course – premium cannabis pre-rolls from CAFE. Contemporary music played softly while guests took their seats, squeezed out some paints, and paid attention as our host Ashante gave them a run down on what to expect.

Paint supplies and cannabis joints, ready to go!

We love having Ashante host our paint nights. Not only is she a very talented artist, she is also extremely patient and attentive to the guests attending her session. Throughout the evening, Ashante would hold up her own work and explain or provide tips on how to achieve specific artistic techniques. She then went around the room, checking on each person’s progress and helping them achieve the results they were looking for. Amazingly, Ashante managed to paint her entire piece while holding the canvas in one hand, and standing or walking around the room!

Ashante – the incredible Toronto artist that collabs with CAFE on paint nights!
An artist mixing colours in his palette.

Our Puff and Paint Nights wouldn’t be complete without our favourite flower – in the form of our premium CAFE house rolls! Each attendee was given their own 0.8g house roll, to help them get into the right state of mind for a cannabis themed art adventure, which they did with pleasure. The fragrant and very welcome scent of weed filled the air as guests chatted with each other, enjoyed the music and snacks provided, and embarked upon their own individual artistic journey within the class.

CAFE premium pre-rolls are provided to each attendee at Puff & Paint Night.

Guests puff and paint the night away!
A full house at Puff & Paint!

Cannabis and art.

Puffing away while painting at CAFE puff & paint night!

Puff and Paint Nights are a great experience, and a wonderful show of individual creativity and skill. Each painting is always so unique, and reflects back upon the individual that created it. We love the idea of cannabis as a pairing for artistic endeavours, since it is known to help people break through mental barriers in order to tap into, and channel their inner creativity.

A guest excitedly showing her work.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it was only fitting that the theme for this paint night was love-themed! Guests found themselves painting a cute little gnome, wearing a large hat and smoking a spliff. It was the perfect outline for a very fun, heart-filled design.

Each artwork is unique and exceptionally creative.


All done!
Showing off their final pieces!

Once done, guests posed for a group picture with their pieces and then went home as the night ended, taking care to ensure their paintings were dry and ready to go! We had an excellent time as always, and are so thankful to all of our attendees, and our artist Ashante. We’re so glad you came, and we can’t wait for the next one!

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