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SENSES – An Infused Fine Dining Experience

senses jan 21 082

This past weekend was an exciting one for us – our long anticipated SENSES dinner took place! SENSES is a series of infused fine dining experiences presented by CAFE in collaboration with celebrity chefs that share a passion for cannabis. This event featured Karbs Catering – a collaborative effort of husband-and-wife chef duo Erica and Josh Karbelnik. Both these talented celebrity chefs appeared on CTV’s Top Chef Canada – with Erica taking home a win as Top Chef in Season 9. Our night also featured the culinary efforts of Chef Patrick Newton, who is very well known for his creative cannabis infusions. We were so excited at the chance to work with these incredibly talented chefs, and create an amazing cannabis-focused experience for our guests alongside them.

senses jan 21 006
CAFE hosts SENSES, a series of cannabis-infused fine dining experiences.

Our SENSES dinner took place at a private venue in the heart of downtown Toronto. Guests started to arrive around 5:30pm, with the dinner service scheduled to begin at 6pm. The menu was crafted by the Karbs and featured four courses – a crispy feta phyllo bite, raw hamachi crudo, seared sea bass and a yogurt and lemon fig cake to finish off. The meal was paired with our carefully curated selection of THC and CBD mocktails – lavender matcha latte, a warm apple cider and a refreshing CBD berry refresher as the final drink. Everything looked and tasted delicious, and our guests had a fantastic time!

senses jan 21 008

senses jan 21 019
The talented duo behind Karbs Catering.
senses jan 21 010
Our amazing CAFE team!
senses jan 21 015
Chef Pat Newton at work.
senses jan 21 012
Our lavender matcha latte featuring THC Wesley Tea!
senses jan 21 027

The chefs worked hard in the kitchen, preparing course after course. Each dish was infused with THC, CBD or a blend of both. In order to ensure responsible use, the chefs went around to each table, and spoke to each individual to determine their experience with cannabis, and then decide on a dosage level that would be most appropriate to them.

senses jan 21 021
Guests enjoying the SENSES dinner experience.

The room was full, and guests enjoyed the cozy, intimate experience with their friends. Ambient music provided a serene backdrop as guests mingled, enjoyed mocktails and eagerly anticipated the next infused dinner dish that would be brought out. From time to time, the chefs made an appearance and took to the podium to address guests, talk about the next dish and describe the method of cannabis infusion.

senses jan 21 029
Hamachi Crudo being plated.
senses jan 21 031
Guests having fun at SENSES.
senses jan 21 034
Hamachi Crudo.
senses jan 21 041
Pork belly with dates and turnip.
senses jan 21 045
It was a full house at our SENSES dinner!

senses jan 21 052
Our Warm Apple Cider made with THC Wesley Tea.
senses jan 21 057
A guest examines a cannabis beverage.
senses jan 21 058
Guests enjoy the night.
senses jan 21 064
Karbs Catering infusing each dish, one by one.
senses jan 21 065
Sea Bass being plated and prepared!
senses jan 21 68
CAFE team ready to go!
senses jan 21 071
Freshly made apple ciders.
senses jan 21 078
Seared Sea Bass.
senses jan 21 082
Dessert: lemon and fig yogurt cake.
senses jan 21 085
Our refreshing CBD Berry drink!
senses jan 21 091
Chefs Pat, Erica and Josh.
senses jan 21 094
Celebrating a job well done!

All in all, the night was a great success! Before they left, guests were given a gift bag courtesy of CAFE and our event sponsors. We can’t wait for the next one!

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