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Smokes & Jokes November Comedy Show

sj nov 26 022

This past Saturday was the night for our monthly Smokes & Jokes Comedy show! The show took place at Toronto’s classic Comedy Bar on Bloor St, located just across from our CAFE dispensary at 932 Bloor St. The night featured an amazing lineup of super talented comedians – featuring Sandra Battaglini as headliner! Sandra is an award-winning stand-up comedian, actor and activist. She has also been featured on CBC, CBS and Amazon Prime.

sj nov 26 023
Sandra Battaglini, award-winning Canadian comic talent headlining our show!

The night kicked off at 7pm as usual – the perfect time slot for a Saturday night show. Seats filled up quickly – the venue was packed with comedy enthusiasts, and our show was fully sold out! Guests took their place and settled in as our show’s MC Danny Martinello took to the stage. Danny was full of energy and excitement – he clearly loves performing on a stage! Within moments, he had guests in stitches with his Canadiana humour.

sj nov 26 021
Danny Martinello, the night’s MC.

Our MC’s hilarity kicked the night off to a great start, and the laughs continued as the lineup of comedians took to the stage. Our show featured Adrienne Fish, Erin Cunningham, Tex Eknes, Ryan Hillis, and of course Sandra Battaglini as headliner.

sj nov 26 006
Adrienne Fish.
sj nov 26 015
Erin Cunningham.
sj nov 26 010
Show goers enjoying the night.
sj nov 26 008
Tex Eknes.
sj nov 26 018
Ryan Hillis.

During the show, our MC engaged with the audience, asking trivia questions in order to see which lucky audience member would receive a gift bag from show sponsor Smokes & Jokes! Smokes & Jokes is our premium, in-house brand of pre-packed, premium AAAA dried flower and pre-rolls. In total, two gift bags were given out to two lucky show goers!

sj nov 26 027
sj nov 26 028
Full house for CAFE and Smokes & Jokes!
sj nov 26 001

We are proud to say that this night marked our one year anniversary at the Comedy Bar! CAFE and Smokes & Jokes have been hosting our monthly comedy night for a whole year now – it all began last November. This show was also special because we had three female comedians on stage, and our first female headliner since we began. The night was tons of fun, high energy and packed full of laughs.

We are happy to have hosted yet another wonderful night of cannabis-centric comedy in Toronto. As an added bonus, show goers received promo cards for sweet discounts on premium cannabis just across the street at CAFE. We look forward to our next show in December!

To get tickets for Smokes & Jokes December, click HERE.

sj nov 26 025

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