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Luck of the Irish – St. Potty’s Day Treasure Hunt in Toronto

Each year on March 17, people celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in honour of the Irish saint of the same name. St. Patrick’s Day celebrations usually involve drinking, but here at CAFE we’ve taken the day and put our own unique spin on it. For the last few years, we’ve been marking March 17 on our calendars as St. Potty’s Day – a day dedicated to all our favourite green things, of course!

CAFE celebrates St. Potty’s Day each March 17.

St. Potty’s Day at CAFE is a super fun time. Each of our four downtown dispensary locations prepares for the day, with stores all decked out in green and some staff even dressed up. Everyone waits eagerly for the arrival of our famous Lucky Leprechaun – a magical little creature dressed in green! On St. Potty’s Day, the CAFE Leprechaun makes his rounds to all four stores, with a couple of stops at some of Toronto’s most famous landmarks.

CAFE’s Lucky Leprechaun spotted in Toronto.

One thing that leprechauns are known for is their love of treasure, and this lucky little guy is no different. As he made his way around the city, our Leprechaun carried with him a basket full of lucky golden treats – which many, many people in the city were very excited to receive. People from all over the city phoned in and contacted us on socials to inquire how to catch the Leprechaun and score their own little golden goodies. We made it easy by creating an interactive map, and sharing the link on our Instagram stories – that way, anyone could check and see where the Leprechaun was in real time, and make their way to come and find him!

A group of fans excitedly tracked and found the Leprechaun!

If you’re wondering what was so great about the golden goodies people couldn’t wait to get their hands on, wonder no further. In keeping with our own green view for St. Potty’s Day, we asked the Leprechaun to bring our fans some of CAFE’s finest cannabis flower – and he sure did deliver. Each bag was filled with a generous green nug of Frankie’s Incense, one of our more popular, uplifting sativa strains. CAFE carries a wide range of cannabis flowers, with our selection changing every week for the freshest and best offerings. Check out our strains here.

Our staff were so excited to see the Leprechaun!

Our Leprechaun visits our 1321 St. Clair Ave store.

Happy CAFE patrons with the Leprechaun at 932 Bloor St.

A pair of Leprechauns!

Upon entering the bud room, our Leprechaun was so impressed with CAFE’s wide selection of cannabis and fine edibles that he needed to take some pictures – and we happily obliged!

The Leprechaun visits our 68 Fort York Blvd store.

Another patron happy to see the Leprechaun!

CAFE’s Leprechaun making his way through downtown Toronto.

Inside Toronto’s Eaton Centre!
Fans happily took photos with the Leprechaun at Yonge-Dundas Square.

After our four stores, the Lucky Leprechaun headed right into downtown Toronto, with stops at Yonge-Dundas Square, the Eaton Centre and Union Station. All over, people were thrilled to see him and even more excited to get their hands on some golden nuggets!

Ending the day’s travels at Union Station.

Despite the rain, we had a great day! Thanks to everyone for being so excited to celebrate with us, using our map to track the Leprechaun and coming out to partake in the festivities. We can’t wait to do it all over again next year!

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