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In the Making: Our THC Infused Mochachino

The days of summer are behind us, and the change in weather means cozy sweaters and drinks served piping hot. Our baristas have been working hard to craft new warm beverages that offer an infused twist on classic recipes. We went behind the scenes with one of our baristas at our Harbord St location to see how a CAFE Mochachino is made.

Each drink is always made fresh to order, and can be served with or without cannabis infusions. Those interested in infused beverages can choose from THC, CBD or a balanced 1:1 blend, and can have these added to any drink or food item of their choice. Proper dosage always varies from person to person, so always consult with your barista on how strong or mild you’d like your drink to be.

For the making of this Mochachino, our barista selected a 10mg serving of Euphoria Extractions Pumpkin Spice Shatter Bar. The chocolate is placed directly below the stream of freshly ground espresso, and melts as the hot coffee pours over it into the cup below. The remaining chocolate is then blended with the espresso by hand, for an even consistency. Our barista steams fresh milk of choice and pours the hot, frothy milk into the cup – latte artistically, of course! The infused mochachino is topped with a dusting of cinammon and is ready to be enjoyed with enthusiasm.

Scroll through our photos to see the making of CAFE’s THC infused mochachino!

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