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3 In the Pink Strain

Indica Hybrid

THC range
CBD range
Euphoric, uplifts mood, relaxing
Tropical fruit, earthiness, spice
Sweet, floral, citrus, earthiness
May Relieve
Chronic pain, insomnia
Myrcene, beta-caryophyllene


Prepare to be enchanted by the harmonious blend of effects, flavors, and aromas offered by 3 in the Pink, a captivating indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain. With its unique characteristics and alluring qualities, 3 in the Pink has earned its place as a cherished favorite among cannabis connoisseurs. 

This strain entices the senses with a tantalizing aroma that is both sweet and floral, reminiscent of a bouquet of freshly picked flowers on a sunny day. Upon inhalation, you’ll be greeted by a burst of citrus and berry notes, complemented by subtle hints of earthiness and spice. This fragrance is like a symphony for the senses, inviting you to indulge in its delightful bouquet. As for flavour, 3 in the Pink continues to dazzle. The smoke introduces a harmonious blend of tastes, starting with the dominant essence of sweet berries and tropical fruits that dance across the palate. This fruity sweetness is balanced by a touch of earthiness and a hint of spice, creating a flavor profile that is both complex and satisfying.

3 in the Pink is celebrated for its balanced and uplifting effects, making it an ideal choice for enhancing mood and promoting relaxation, and boasts a THC content that typically ranges from 18% to 22%. The effects of this strain often begin with a cerebral euphoria that uplifts the mood. As the high progresses, this strain promotes relaxation, which makes it a perfect choice for use at the end of your day. This strain has also been known to provide relief to those managing chronic pain and insomnia. 

3 in the Pink is more than just a cannabis strain—it’s a symphony of sensations that captivates the senses and delights the mind. Its enchanting aroma, delightful flavor profile, and balanced effects make it a cherished selection among enthusiasts seeking a unique and satisfying cannabis experience. Whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur or someone new to the world of cannabis, this strain invites you to embrace the delightful trio and experience the magic in every puff.

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