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1157 honey bun (h) cafe bud shots
1157 honey bun (h) cafe bud shots

Honey Bun Strain


THC range
CBD range
Sleepy, relaxing, calming, uplifting
Sweet, lavender, floral, nutty, skunky
Skunky, lavender, floral, herbal
May Relieve
Depression, chronic pain. stress, anxiety, cramps
Beta caryophyllene, limonene, alpha humulene


Honey Bun, also known as Cookies Honey Bun, is a well-balanced hybrid cannabis strain that comes in with a 17-18% THC content that’s perfect for both beginners and experienced cannabis enthusiasts.

Boasting some fantastic genetics, Honey Bun is a cross between Gelatti with Honey B. It’s well known throughout the cannabis community for its beautiful high, and delicious flavor. If you love hybrids for their well-balanced effects, then you’ll fall head over heels in love with Honey Bun.

From almost the first inhale, the high from Honey Bun will hit you with a relaxing high that elevates your mind and spirit. While Honey Bun may not have the highest THC content, the high can be pretty intense. Your mind will fill with a sense of calm before the high slowly washes over the rest of your body, leaving your limbs feeling just the right amount of heaviness.

The aroma of Honey Bun is sweet and flowery, with hints of fresh bread, nuts, and lavender. The aroma flows smoothly into the flavor, where you’ll experience notes of that delicious skunkiness that’s so common with cannabis strains. If the flavor and aroma sound great, then you won’t be disappointed when you actually give it a try for yourself!

Many people worldwide use Honey Bun to help combat depression, chronic pain, insomnia, cramps, and muscle spasms. If you love hybrids and get the opportunity to try Honey Bun, then it’s well worth investing in and giving it a try! You won’t regret it.

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