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Sour Angel Strain


THC range
20% +
CBD range
Euphoria, giggly, happy, relaxing, uplifting
Fruity, nutty, spicy, sweet, sour
Earthy, herbal, spicy, sweet
May Relieve
Appetite loss, depression, nausea, stress
Caryophyllene, limonene


When it comes to even and well-balanced hybrid strains, it’s hard to ignore everything that Sour Angel has to offer. This balanced hybrid features a potent average 20% THC that’s not too overwhelming, which makes it great for anyone that’s new to cannabis strains. Sour Angel was made by crossing two famous strains, Sour Dubb and Hell’s Angel OG.

If you love rare and unique strains, then Sour Angel is the perfect choice for you! One of the most well-known aspects of Sour Angel is its delicious flavor and aroma. One of the best ways that Sour Angel has ever been described is the flavor of a fresh plate of blueberry waffles. What could be better than that? Not much!

Sour Angel has a delicious aroma of sweet fruit, berries, licorice, and just a hint of dank earthiness that’s sure to get your taste buds watering in anticipation. The high from Sour Angel is just as impressive as its flavor and aroma.

You’ll immediately notice a strong euphoric head high that settles in for a few minutes before spreading throughout the rest of your body. Next, you may notice that you get a giggly and fun high that’s great for socializing with friends or just hanging out with friends. Again, the high will start off in your head before spreading to the rest of your body, delivering a relaxing full body high that will have you wishing you had tried Sour Angel a long time ago!

The effects of Sour Angel could be perfect for anyone suffering from depression, stress, appetite loss, nausea, or stress.

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