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Leafythings Lounge at Cannabis Carnival – Canada’s First Outdoor Cannabis Consumption Lounge

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Change is in the air, and we couldn’t be more excited. Since the historic legalization of cannabis in 2018, Canadian legislators and retailers have been in a state of transition as we all collectively work to explore the possibilities – a quick glance online reveals that today in Canada, anyone of age can purchase cannabis in an impressive range of formats from dried flower to edibles, vape and shatter pens, and even topical creams and tinctures. Cannabis use has gone from being a shady back alley activity to something that is quite mainstream, with more and more Canadians becoming curious about the benefits of this incredibly versatile plant. As well, Canadians are increasingly seeking experiences that involve cannabis, marking the start of a very exciting new trend – cannabis tourism.

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Signage at the entrance to the Leafythings lounge.

Cannabis tourism opportunities have begun springing up slowly but steadily across the country. At CAFE, we pride ourselves on being pioneers within the cannabis landscape, and have been actively promoting cannabis tourism opportunities via our infused Senses Supper Club dinners, cannabis-centric Smokes and Jokes comedy and Puff and Paint events. We are beyond thrilled to observe this phenomenon picking up steam as others in the industry begin to take up the same approach towards creating experiences where people can dip their toes into the cannabis world, in a safe and responsible manner.

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The Toronto Event Centre – a world-class club, restaurant and event space.

We like to showcase others who have adopted this philosophy. One such trailblazer in the cannabis world is Leafythings. Leafythings is a leading online cannabis directory that has quickly become a go-to for Canadians over the last three years, with its vast and detailed categorical listings of cannabis retailers across the country. Leafythings also recently won an award in the category of Most Innovative Technology at the O’Cannabiz industry event on June 1, 2022. As a technology company they’ve essentially aggregated everything you can find online about cannabis in Canada and made it indexable all in one spot. Leafythings is also highly active in promoting the safe and responsible use of cannabis, and has been a staple at dozens of industry events, experiential events, conferences and trade shows that cater both to businesses and the general public.

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This summer, Leafythings has launched its newest initiative, and the first of its kind anywhere in Canada – The Cannabis Carnival at The Toronto Events Centre. The Toronto Events Centre along with its educational partners like the OCS, MADD and CannSell, have created an exciting experience that features an enclosed, outdoor patio space designated as a cannabis consumption lounge, where venue attendees may step out to consume their own cannabis products. The Toronto Event Centre is a massive, world-class club that boasts indoor and outdoor lounge spaces, including a lavish patio with big screen TVs, swimming pool, bar and restaurant. The space hosts private parties, corporate events and regularly features celebrity DJs, chefs and musicians as part of its seasonal programming. The addition of a dedicated cannabis consumption lounge on the grounds allows guests to partake in cannabis in a safe, responsible manner, while remaining on premises.

can carn 043
Outdoor beach club at The Toronto Event Centre.
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The Toronto Event Centre hosts private events, corporate gatherings and much more.

The Leafythings cannabis consumption lounge is a spacious, private enclosed patio separate from the main outdoor pool and patio space at The Toronto Event Centre. Guests entering the Leafythings lounge find themselves transported into a beach themed, unique space, full of fun activations and opportunities to simply chill out. Attendees may opt to hang out on the swings, play ring toss or a game of ping pong, or just lounge about in one of several open-air cabanas, complete with fluffy pillows and rolling boards for convenience. The space is also beautifully decorated with unique art installations – perfect for those Instagrammable moments. Cannabis is not provided – guests must bring their own. But Leafythings staff are on hand with lighters and rolling papers, should those be needed. Music carries over from the main event space but is not too loud, giving those in the Leafythings lounge the opportunity to relax and enjoy the ambience without being overwhelmed.

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Cozy cabanas in the Leafythings Lounge.
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can carn 052
Venue attendees enter the Leafythings Lounge.

In its first few weeks, the Cannabis Carnival seems to have been tremendously successful. This delightful pilot project is an example of cannabis tourism that is inclusive to the general public, and aimed at creating a safe space for cannabis users to smoke, relax and enjoy themselves without worry. The enclosed nature of the space purposefully separates cannabis consumers from other party-goers, so there is no risk of unwanted, second-hand smoke impacting vulnerable individuals. Navigating The Ontario Smoke Free Act, the Cannabis Control Act, and the Cannabis Act is no easy task. The Ontario Smoke Free Act (OSFA) strives to ensure safe, clean air for urban community dwellers by prohibiting the consumption of cannabis on public sidewalks, and within 20 meters of common areas, public spaces and those where children may be present, such as public parks. The designation of a dedicated cannabis consumption space like the Leafythings lounge at Cannabis Carnival truly allows for a safe and responsible smoking experience, both for those consuming cannabis and those whom the law strives to protect.

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Here at CAFE, we are thrilled to observe the launch of the first cannabis consumption lounge in Canada happening right here in Toronto. We find ourselves inspired and in awe of the creativity and forward-thinking leadership displayed by Leafythings and its educational partners as it continues its tireless efforts towards advocacy and education around cannabis. We are excited for the future of cannabis tourism in Toronto, and Canada overall, and we cannot wait to see how cannabis-centric experiences continue to evolve.

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