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Growing Marijuana (In Ontario)

There’s growing interest in the subject of growing cannabis at home since it became legal in late 2018. Hobbyists and curious citizens alike are considering growing their own supply of cannabis at home.

In Canada, the Cannabis Act has legalized home cultivation of the plant, although a couple of provinces have, for now, banned the practice entirely. Luckily, residents of Ontario have some of the most straightforward and permissive regulations in the country for growing at home.

In Ontario, there are a few rules you need to keep in mind:

  • You must be of legal age to use cannabis in Ontario. 19 and over only.
  • You may only grow four plants at a time.
  • You must grow it in your private residence.
  • You can’t sell your crop to anyone else.
  • Your seeds must come from a legally authorized seller. Shortages of seeds from licensed sellers have been a problem in recent months, and some growers have formed trading circles to keep seeds in supply, but this practice technically contravenes the provincial regulations. Be careful about where you source your seeds.

Follow these rules, respect your neighbours, and you’re free to try your hand at growing your own cannabis.

Many people will begin their experiment with just a flowerpot or two in the windowsill. Thankfully for those adventurous folks, cannabis has rightfully earned the nickname ‘weed’… it’s a reasonably hardy grower and works well in various growing conditions. However, in order to produce high-quality cannabis, a little more care is generally required.

The Basics of a Home Grow

In attempting to grow their first plants, beginners should consider three basics: soil, light and nutrition. Here’s a breakdown of those components:


Novices should look for a soil that balances good water retention and a texture that allows maximum oxygenation. Many soils are sold with specific formulations optimized for growing cannabis and may be worth investigating.


Make sure cannabis plants are exposed to the full cycle of daylight in your home. Advanced growers will strictly time and control the light conditions for the best results, but you want to at least give them the best daylight your Ontario home can provide.


Consider natural nutrition like worm castings or other organic fertilizers designed for your cannabis plants. Keep an eye out for mold and garden pests like mites, and treat the plants immediately with a natural pest-deterrent if you see any signs of infestation.

Those dedicated to the hobby can take it a step further. Indoor growing setups are available which give growers precise control over light, temperature, and humidity in a sealed environment. This more advanced approach will take some education and experience to master, but can allow you to grow plants of exceptional quality and health.

It’s worth remembering that cannabis plants can grow broad and wide, so if you’re going to grow your allotted four marijuana plants in Ontario, you’ll want to give them some space to stretch out and thrive. An original draft of the Cannabis Act in Canada limited the height of plants grown at home to 1 meter, but that restriction was lifted in the final version of the law. So go ahead – grow them tall and proud!

Besides being a reliable and lawful source of quality personal cannabis, many people enjoy the challenge of nurturing their own cannabis plants at home. It’s a rewarding hobby that pays off in pride when you’ve grown an exceptional little crop, raised under your own watchful eye.

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