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A Guide to SENSES: What to Expect at Our Upcoming Night of Infused Fine Dining

Our SENSES night of cannabis infused fine dining is coming up this weekend, and we couldn’t be more excited! This dinner event is part of our SENSES series, which feature elegant, multi-course meals prepared by top chefs, and precisely dosed with THC and CBD. We have hosted several wonderful dinner events over the last year or so, in collaboration with internationally acclaimed chefs such as Travis Petersen, who travels North America cooking cannabis as “The Nomad Cook”; Erica & Josh Karbelnik – of Top Chef Canada fame; food show host Patrick Newton and Antonin Mousseau Rivard, one of Canada’s top restauranteurs. This weekend, our dinner will feature the culinary delights of Chef Kwin Marion, who has worked in Michelin Star restaurants around the world and is passionate about cannabis!

About Chef Kwin

Chef Kwin of Calgary.

Chef Kwin Marion is a passionate young private chef based in Calgary, Alberta. His love for cooking began at an early age, from baking sessions with his mother as a young boy to managing multiple kitchens – serving Mexican, French and Australian cuisine. His apprenticeship into the high level culinary world took place at the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise, where he developed the skills that are the foundation of his career. Chef Kwin’s experiences blossomed in Alberta and took him across the world – in 2019 he spent time in Thailand learning South East Asian cuisine. He has worked in multiple Michelin Star restaurants and is now back living in Alberta, bringing his global experience and passion for food at private dinners and special events.

Chef Kwin at work.
Some of Chef Kwin’s culinary creations.

The Cannabis Connection

Chef Kwin is also an avid fan of cannabis, and has been an integral part of The Nomad Cook team with Chef Travis Petersen since 2021, after excelling in the Culinary Cannabis Certification program hosted by Russell Hendrix’s and Chef Travis Petersen. He has adopted the Nomad Cook way of life and toured western Canada cooking for some of the cannabis industries brightest budtenders and industry executives. Kwin’s love of food and passion for serving others is matched by his deep knowledge of cannabis and developing terpene focused menus.

Chef Travis Petersen, the Nomad Cook.

What to Expect at SENSES

Our SENSES event this weekend is called Nomadic Nights, and is part of our SENSES Dinner Series Collaboration with Chef Travis Petersen, aka The Nomad Cook. The night begins at 5:30pm, at a private venue in downtown Toronto. Guests can expect to check in and be seated by venue staff. Tables are large, so small groups can expect to be seated together with new friends!

Guests are seated at large tables of 10.

Dinner service will begin promptly once all guests are seated, and Chef Kwin can be expected to address guests and begin the night. During dinner, lights will stay dim and ambient music will be played softly.

The Chef and his team will then come around to speak with each guest individually, to learn their experience level with cannabis and understand their tolerance. Based on this conversation, each guest’s meal will be dosed to their own individual preference, and tolerance level. Guests will be served four courses including dessert, and those that opt in for the mocktail pairing will receive a drink that pairs with each course.

Mocktails at our last SENSES dinner.

This is a cannabis consumption event. Dishes will be prepared with THC, CBD or a combination of both. Each guest can expect their entire meal to not exceed the dosage they agreed upon with the chef at the start of the event. Guests are encouraged to not consume cannabis or alcohol before the event. Cannabis in edible form can hit hard, so it is best for guests to come and experience the night to a tolerance level they are comfortable with.

Guests are advised to use transit, Uber or get a ride to and from the event. It is not advised to drive home from this event.

Should you have any questions about our SENSES Dinner, please email us or speak to your budtender!

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